2313 Inc.

The goal of 2313 Inc is to help our staff gain leadership skills that will enable them to excel in the field of sales, client acquisitions and most importantly experience professional and personal growth. Our training is designed to strengthen communication skills, emphasize good work ethic and develop skills for negotiating with clients.

At 2313 Inc, we take pride in our professionalism, integrity, hard work and dedication; which enables us to achieve our goals. We believe that the only way a person can learn to successfully operate a company is for that person to build a strong foundation by experiencing sales functions as an Entry Level Consultant. Candidates are taught how to interface with clients and finalize business deals. Once these skills are acquired, the individual learns how to coach and teach others how to master these same skills. The training process concludes when a candidate proves that he or she has developed the business acumen necessary to be successful.


As many people know in a leadership capacity at times it is a humbling experience. We put a heavy emphasis on personal development. Finally, upon completion of leadership tests and seminars, a candidate has an opportunity to be promoted to a Strategic Manager role and work directly with the president of the company.  Our Strategic Managers are then required to attend seminars to improve organizational skills like the Franklin Covey methods as well as the Ken Blanchard methods in Effective Leadership.  We feel if we are going to progress as a business, we must educate the individuals within the company to maximize their effectiveness.  This in turn will continue to push us to reach our goals towards greatness.


Learn more about all the career opportunities 2313 Inc. has to offer.

The current positions we have available are:

Account Representative:

Responsibilities Include:

  • Client Account Negotiation
  • New Client Acquisition
  • Current Client Retention
  • Cross Training in the areas of: Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Management and more
  • Qualified candidates will be cross trained in all aspects of the position

At 2313 Inc we provide an internship program that allows individuals to learn fundamentals of business, sales and marketing. Successful interns have the potential to acquire full-time permanent positions upon completion of the internship program.

Paid Internships:

Responsibilities Include:

  • The internship program involves training in areas of: marketing, sales, human resources, finance and client development.
  • All internships are full time and paid
  • No intern will be put behind a desk, asked to get coffee, make copies or file papers.
  • Interns who successfully complete the program will receive end of the internship bonus, letters of recommendation and if qualified, an option to work full time upon graduation.


  • Paid Training
  • Flexible Training Pay
  • Reimbursement Program
  • Company Paid Travel
  • Bonus Programs
  • Competitive Pay Structure
  • Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
  • No Seniority (performance based promotion structure)
  • Retirement and Savings Plans available with promotions


We believe to have a strong company we must start with a strong team of people. Internal training is the key to the consistency and strength we have at 2313.  We believe in training individuals in all areas regardless of previous experience.

Training includes :

  • Corporate classroom training
  • Hands-on field training
  • On-line training and testing
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Public Speaking lessons
  • Management Training
  • Sales and Marketing Technical training

Hear What 2313 Inc Employees Have To Say

What are the valuable things that you have learned while working with 2313 Inc?

  •  I have learned how to become a leader not only in business, but also in life” –Dan
  • “I have learned the value of follow through and patience.  Success does not happen overnight and in order to grow professionally you have to first be willing to grow personally.” -Lyn
  • “The Systems! They translate to every aspect of life.” -Elijah
  • “A positive attitude will take you far and expanding your comfort zone to the point where you get comfortable being uncomfortable will help you grow tremendously” -Shawn
  • “Strategic organizational skills and that empowering people promotes leadership”- Brenotta
  • “Self-confidence, self-management and how to interact with all types of people.” -Derek

How have you grown both personally and professionally joining the 2313 Inc team?

  • “I’m business minded but I have become more aware that what I do in my personal life can affect my professional life and vice versa.” –Elijah
  • “Personally I have learned happiness needs to come before success.  Most people think you become successful and then you will be happy when it all actuality you must be happy as an individual in order to make the right decisions to be successful.” -Lyn
  • “I have grown personally by realizing more of what I am capable of when I stay motivated and confident in myself.  I have grown professionally by working hard every day and knowing that is what it will take to achieve what I want out of life.” -Allan
  • “I have been able to improve my communication skills and also further develop my public speaking capabilities” – Shawn

How would you describe the work culture at 2313 Inc?

  • “Fun, professional, on point, efficient & disciplined” -Joe
  • “Healthy, organized and empowering!” – Brenotta
  • “A lot like a family, professional, fun and very focused on goals & growth.  Definitely not for someone looking to simply exchange time for a paycheck.”      -Lyn
  • “The work culture is very profession while at the same time it is extremely fun and energetic.  It makes me excited to come to work.” –Allan
  • “Very friendly and everyone helps everyone.  It’s as though we are one big team working towards a common goal.” -Nick

How does 2313 Inc encourage you to “give back” to the community?

  •  “We are given the opportunity to get involved in organizing philanthropic events to raise money for the cause of our choice.” –Stefanie
  • “Twenty-Three Thirteen leads by example in supporting a variety of causes including Operation Smile and the American Cancer Society.” – Elijah

What type of person would thrive at 2313 Inc?

  • “A positive person that is willing to learn” –Shawn
  • “Someone who is persistent in the face of adversity and cheerful in the face of failure.” –Elijah
  • “The type of person that would thrive at Twenty-Three Thirteen is self-motivated, ambitious, outgoing, easy to get along with and a great student.” –Allan

 What is the most rewarding aspect of your role as an account manager?

  • “The opportunity to train others to be successful.” –Elijah
  • “The opportunity to see people grow personally & professionally as a result of my guidance.  There is nothing like seeing some gain confidence in themselves.” -Lyn
  • “As an account manager I enjoy be able to help other people while being able to focus on self-development” –Brenotta
  • “Being able to perform at a job I love” –Joe
  • “Knowing that I helping the customers, the client, the people I train and myself all achieve a better opportunity.” –Allan
  • “Helping others reach their goals.  It’s a great feeling when you hit a goal, but it is even more rewarding helping someone else who didn’t think they could do something, achieve it.” -Derek

How would you describe the value that 2313 Inc provides for their clients?

  •  The value that Twenty-Three Thirteen provides for their clients is truly priceless. We provide new account to clients with zero fiscal risk until the account is active.  We also bring services to the customers face to face which gives the client better ‘curb appeal’ with the community.” –Allan
  • “Twenty-Three Thirteen is able to represent their clients with integrity and character protecting their brand while producing results far beyond their expectations.” -Lyn
  • “We provide our clients with skilled managers who help to grow their customer base exponentially.” -Derek

How have you participated with 2313 Inc in giving back and what have you learned from these experiences?

  •  “I got to be involved with an Operation Smile event and it helped me to learn just how lucky I am to be in the position I am.  It is really important to give back to those that are less fortunate than us.” –Shawn
  • “I have had the pleasure of being part of several events including, bowl-a-thons, basketball tournaments & company BBQ’s.  I have learned that it is amazing what you can do when you team up with others for a great cause.” -Lyn
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