2313 Inc.

The Origin of 2313 Inc

By Ken, President of 2313 Inc

I decided to name 2313 Inc based off the birthday of my oldest son Brady. The story actually started years earlier on February 3rd, 2013, the day I decided to live for the future and not worry about the past.

I remember a few years earlier in Miami having one of the most difficult experiences in my life. We take a yearly company trip somewhere fun, and this particular trip happened to be close to where I grew up in South Florida. My parents came to spend some time with us at the Fountain Bleu Resort on Miami Beach. I walked in to the living room of our hotel room and I found my whole family in tears, including my girlfriend (now wife), and I asked what had happened. My mom proceeded to explain to us after many doctors’ visits she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember feeling so hopeless, scared, and worried. She reassured us that she would be starting treatments and doing what was needed to be done.

Over the next year or so, my mother went back and forth to Miami Medical Center and did everything they asked of her. The chemotherapy was super tough on her. In the meantime, I decided to propose to my wife Sara and to get married. We planned the date for Oct. 1st 2011. The year prior, my mom went through so much but by summer, she received the unbelievable blessing of being cancer free. I remember dancing with her during my wedding, and her whispering to me how it was because of this wedding that she beat cancer.

Life seemed to be getting better for all, including the business we were building. This business was started through blood, sweat, and tears after my college years at Penn State. I started doing business to business sales for a small sales company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey close to where my father is from. A year later, after becoming a top performer and getting opportunities to advance, the owner of the company decided to pay it forward and give me the seed money to start my company. This was a chance to work with the largest telecommunications company of its kind at that time, AT&T.

Life was awesome and business was great, but then I received the worse news I had could ever imagine. My mom was re—diagnosed with cancer; this time it spread throughout her body. My dad had the same thing. He had been seeing doctors, and not telling my brother and I, for the fact that he didn’t want us to worry. My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. My mom continued to fight through the summer of 2012, but on November 15, 2012 she was not able to continue the battle.

My brother and I decided to take action with our father. We got him moved in with my brother in Boston, and sought best medical care possible. Over the holidays, I took two weeks to spend time with him, and talk through life. This was the most incredible memory I could have had with him. I was so thankful that because I was an entrepreneur and my own boss, I could spend the time away with family and no one could tell me otherwise. After the visit, I went home to LA though my dad was steadily declining. My wife was now 8 months pregnant with our first son.

The news came on February, 2, 2013 that my dad had left us. A day later, February 3, 2013 (where the 2313 comes from), Brady Asher was born. It was an incredible whirlwind of events, but I am a firm believer that when one door closes another door opens. Later that year, an interesting business proposition came about, and it was in Detroit, Michigan.

I thought about the Midwest; family values, incredible people, incredible Big 10 schools, and people who needed opportunity. It took some time to think about if it was the right move. But we took the leap of faith. In moving to Michigan, we rebranded our entire organization. We chose to look forward and to create a legacy. We created a business that develops leaders, develops value driven successful people, who align with beliefs that this is America and being free isn’t taken for granted. Being free is choosing to have a great life by giving back to charities, by giving to those less fortunate, and by giving people opportunity to work and make a living.

For additional information about 2313 Inc, be sure to visit our FAQ page.

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