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February & March 2016 Newsletter 2313 Inc.

2313 Inc. releases newsletters that include upcoming events at the office,  leadership promotions, and a recap of what has happened recently at the company. To keep up with the latest goin-on’s at the 2313 Inc. office, keep your eyes peeled for our newsletters!

We’re having an excellent first few months of 2016 at 2313 Inc! There’s a slew of great events coming up that will be sure to be memorable.

2313 Inc. will be traveling to Dallas, Texas for a National Conference. This will be a great opportunity to recognize the top leaders in our business across the country, while still learning a few new things and having some fun.

We’re also gearing up for our Spring Midwest Leaders Conference in Chicago, where we’re sure we’ll be meeting some of the best leaders within the organization. 2313 Inc. also has this year’s R&R event that will be happening in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and we can’t wait check until we’re on the beach!

There’s quite a few promotions and recognition in this month’s newsletter. Congratulations to Omar, Victora, Alisa, Mami, Marcus, and Sharon on their hard work and accomplishments!

To learn more about what we’ve been up to at 2313 Inc. as of late, check out the full newsletter here: 2313 Inc. newsletter February March 2016

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