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A business consulting and sales firm based out of Farmington Hills, MI, 2313 Inc. is committed to client retention and satisfaction.

Although it was sad loss for the USA in the World Cup, it was still exciting to see them make it this far. Many people are praising goalkeeper Tim Howard for an exceptional amount of saves, and Julian Green, a winger, who scored the first goal when it was 2-0. However, while these two stood out, they couldn’t have done it without their team. Each player on any kind of team makes a contribution, large or small, that benefits the team as a whole. While the CEO is the head of the company, I’m sure most would agree that they couldn’t do it without their team of employees.

Successful teams recognize this. If one player gets cocky and decides he or she can do it all, it won’t end well in business or in sports. Everyone on a team has a common goal, but the players often implement different strategies to achieve it. How can you get your entire staff to realize that finding success in business or sports is a team effort? Try some fun team building exercises.

Generally when employees find out they are doing some “team building” exercise, they cringe. That’s why you have to make it fun. Pick something casual that doesn’t scream “team building” but allows your employees to bond and get to know each other, and communicate about common goals.

Organize a Team Lunch

Who says no to a free lunch? Schedule a time where there are no meetings and everyone can sit down for lunch together. Getting people talking outside of their office will create bonds and make sure your employees actually know each other. It’s important to have employees who get along and feel like they can reach out to another employee if they need something.

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Office Party

Getting your employees together for any kind of (mostly) non-work-related event will get them to open up and bond. An office party – inside the office or out – is a fun opportunity to socialize and find common ground.

Event Outside of Work

Invite two different departments that don’t interact that much to a baseball game or a concert – something you think they would all enjoy. This gives them a chance to talk outside of work to a department they had never really interacted with before.

Giving your employees an opportunity to get to know each other and bond is essential to having a team that works together. If the marketing department has never spoken to the IT department, there’s a much higher chance they won’t work as well together, for example. All employees should ideally have the same company goal(s), and working cooperatively together is only going to yield success.

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